Android Pattern Lock and Google Account 2-step Verification

The Scenario

You use lock pattern on your Android phone and use 2-step verification to get access to Google Account. Therefore, obviously you have used an application-specific password to connect both these. What if you forgot the lock pattern or someone pranked you by changing it? If you do not have internet, probably, you’ll loose all your data. What should you do to avoid such a scene?

This post lists the precautions to be taken by the Android users who use pattern/pin/password lock and also 2-step verification of Google Account. If you are currently facing problems with this, you can switch off 2-step verification using a computer and using mobile’s internet (wi-fi, if it is already on and configured, or packet data) and type actual password. Probably you can switch on packet data by long pressing the power key. In the unfortunate event that you do not have internet to do this, you must find a way to get packet data service or should be satisfy the case wi-fi already on, have a configured access point and should be in its range. Or else you have to reset your phone by getting into recovery mode which will loose all your data.

I’ve been wondering this case since many past months and never really thought of looking for an answer nor even googling it. Now that I looked into, it appears that, there is no solution to this except that you get internet on the phone. Try the solutions to avoid this scenario.

The Problem

Application-specific password that you use to register your Android phone will be shown only once, i.e. when you create it, and will not be shown again. To regain access to the phone in the said scenario, you need to enter this exact same password. You probably cannot do this as you do not remember it.

The Solution

These are steps to be adopted right now. Not in the event of the scenario.

Case 1. If migrating to 2-step verification or adding a new account

If you are about to register your Android phone with for the first time, adding a new account or if you are migrating to 2-step verification from the 1-step system, the easiest thing you can do is note down the application-specific password shown during its creation and use some cloud storage or pen-paper to save it. If you have written it down, make sure you always carry a copy as well. You can also take a screenshot and save it to the cloud to which you can later refer to.

Case 2. If already using 2-step verification

If you have already registered your primary Google Account with Android device, we arrive at solutions where you need to use an existing or create a new secondary or backup Google Account. It is important that 2-step verification is turned off for the secondary account. If you are uncomfortable with switching off 2-step verification with existing secondary account, it is advised to create a new account only. The solution follow.

Add the secondary account to Android device and leave it there. You can also use this account’s username-password for resetting the pattern on the phone. If you do not want to leave the secondary account there, firstly delete the primary account and add it again referring with the Case 1, and then delete the secondary account.

Well, that’s it. Your phone is now hopefully secured against the prank or the unfortunate event of forgetting the pattern and not having internet around you.

If you know any more solutions or find a mistake or loophole in the said solutions, do use the comment form below. Also, do let me know if you find this post useful.

College Day

Today was the farewell party for us. We being the ready-to-leave-college batch deserve a farewell just like any other counterparts. During the party, for a moment I felt like, it was for this day I studied in the college for past three-and-a-half years. It was an experience of 1300+ days folded into one.

As people were sharing their experiences, I re-read every single day at the college. Memories were floating over and I was busy sorting which day was better or not.
Having passed the light of knowledge to the junior batch, the party concluded off.

First segment of the party, the inaguration, was done by the principal and was later presided over by the dean. The best part was that I actually heard the dean talking very casually with us.

From now onwards, whenever I think of the college life, this day will be rendered the most.

So, on a final note, I smile to myself – this day ends my college life.

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A Perfectionist

They say he doesn’t talk much. He lacks contacts too. No one on earth has ever figured why.

He doesn’t waste his time. Instead he invests it in sleep. He doesn’t  iron his clothes. Wherever he goes, he loves it. He also loves whatever he does. Never gives up anything.

Some shithead: “Is this your story?”
Me: “No.”
Him: “What if it is?”
Me: “Who cares?”
The shithead: “Thanks.”
Us: “Welcome.”

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Once Second Time

How many times has been there when you had to reconsider your own verdict on anything? I believe there isn’t any harm in admitting your mistakes, if ever you made some.

The world is very simple. It’s just us who make it cruel. The easiest way I found to stay simple is to believe only in what you see. Which means, once you are mature enough to understand what is really happening around you, don’t lend ears to what you have never seen nor experienced. So, is it that you won’t believe Paris exists unless you see it? C’mon now. Test it yourself. How many have told you that Paris does not exist?

Living in a world you have only heard is like dreaming. We cannot admit it unless you wake up. What I really meant by this writing isn’t yet clear. I will update this once I get to know what is happening around me.

The end.

(You thought it right. This post will never be updated.)

Open letter to Internet Explorer 9

Dear IE9,

I assume that Microsoft made you to compete with Mozilla Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 11. But please pity me, as I didn’t try to look at you thinking its just another disaster. But you really are, my friend. And I am sure it’s not just me who thought like this. What were you thinking when you tried hard to copy Firefox 4 and Chrome 11 but chose to stay in the Windows format? While you tried to fool people saying you have got faster, how did you even think people would believe you?

The new Bing Bar does make your life ‘feel’ easier, don’t you think it’s just another stupid toolbar to track what all I do on the internet? And I am sure you will track all that I search on Google, send it to Bing and use it as Bing search? I thought it was unethical, but can excuse you. Just because you waited in my Windows Update for a couple of weeks, I thought of trying you. Even before 20 minutes of usage, I figured that you haven’t changed anything except got slower, slowed my PC down and gave me an idea to disable add-ons to make it run faster. Was there any other reason you said? Yea, there were. You claimed to be clean and trusted.

I seriously have no idea what made you claim that. When you said you can be trusted, I was thinking what to trust? That there would be no more spywares, adwares, toolbars, or what? Sorry to see the Bing Bar installed with you. I like it very much that I am never going to use it. When you claimed you are clean, and added that the increased viewing area would make my website shine, I never expected it shine as much that every designer has added burden and code a separate css file just for cleaning you. Oh, then it would be shining clean, yeah. Score.


When you said you are interoperable for once I thought you started supporting Linux and Mac too. Felt sorry for their users then. But as you started explaining that you are now supporting HTML5 and modern web standards, I felt relaxed. But my exclaim was genuine as Firefox and Chrome do support Linux and Mac, and you tried hard to copy them, didn’t you? But for once I can say you are a total loser. Not just for supporting HTML5, but for your existence. I always liked that you come installed with Windows and you should be proud that mostly the first other browser installed in a Windows PC is through you. Warm regards for IE10.

Yours sincerely,

A Loyal Windows user.

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