A Perfectionist

They say he doesn’t talk much. He lacks contacts too. No one on earth has ever figured why.

He doesn’t waste his time. Instead he invests it in sleep. He doesn’t  iron his clothes. Wherever he goes, he loves it. He also loves whatever he does. Never gives up anything.

Some shithead: “Is this your story?”
Me: “No.”
Him: “What if it is?”
Me: “Who cares?”
The shithead: “Thanks.”
Us: “Welcome.”

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Once Second Time

How many times has been there when you had to reconsider your own verdict on anything? I believe there isn’t any harm in admitting your mistakes, if ever you made some.

The world is very simple. It’s just us who make it cruel. The easiest way I found to stay simple is to believe only in what you see. Which means, once you are mature enough to understand what is really happening around you, don’t lend ears to what you have never seen nor experienced. So, is it that you won’t believe Paris exists unless you see it? C’mon now. Test it yourself. How many have told you that Paris does not exist?

Living in a world you have only heard is like dreaming. We cannot admit it unless you wake up. What I really meant by this writing isn’t yet clear. I will update this once I get to know what is happening around me.

The end.

(You thought it right. This post will never be updated.)