Open letter to Internet Explorer 9

Dear IE9,

I assume that Microsoft made you to compete with Mozilla Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 11. But please pity me, as I didn’t try to look at you thinking its just another disaster. But you really are, my friend. And I am sure it’s not just me who thought like this. What were you thinking when you tried hard to copy Firefox 4 and Chrome 11 but chose to stay in the Windows format? While you tried to fool people saying you have got faster, how did you even think people would believe you?

The new Bing Bar does make your life ‘feel’ easier, don’t you think it’s just another stupid toolbar to track what all I do on the internet? And I am sure you will track all that I search on Google, send it to Bing and use it as Bing search? I thought it was unethical, but can excuse you. Just because you waited in my Windows Update for a couple of weeks, I thought of trying you. Even before 20 minutes of usage, I figured that you haven’t changed anything except got slower, slowed my PC down and gave me an idea to disable add-ons to make it run faster. Was there any other reason you said? Yea, there were. You claimed to be clean and trusted.

I seriously have no idea what made you claim that. When you said you can be trusted, I was thinking what to trust? That there would be no more spywares, adwares, toolbars, or what? Sorry to see the Bing Bar installed with you. I like it very much that I am never going to use it. When you claimed you are clean, and added that the increased viewing area would make my website shine, I never expected it shine as much that every designer has added burden and code a separate css file just for cleaning you. Oh, then it would be shining clean, yeah. Score.


When you said you are interoperable for once I thought you started supporting Linux and Mac too. Felt sorry for their users then. But as you started explaining that you are now supporting HTML5 and modern web standards, I felt relaxed. But my exclaim was genuine as Firefox and Chrome do support Linux and Mac, and you tried hard to copy them, didn’t you? But for once I can say you are a total loser. Not just for supporting HTML5, but for your existence. I always liked that you come installed with Windows and you should be proud that mostly the first other browser installed in a Windows PC is through you. Warm regards for IE10.

Yours sincerely,

A Loyal Windows user.

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