Moving on…

The below text was sent as an email to my friends and colleagues at Infosys on the day I stepped out, October 30th, 2015.

The time has come to part ways with the firm, my first, the corporate, Infosys. An amazing journey of over 3 years, that I never imagined to end, from the day I set foot in Mysore campus. But as they say, all good things must come to an end, I disembark with cherished memories. Must I repeat, Mysore was the best time of my life.

I thank all my friends and colleagues for sailing with me in this cruise so far including, but not limited to, mateys from training in Mysore, iOS Systems, TaRaRumPum, AOS and #20 Celebrations, each in Bangalore. I learned a lot from you guys and am taking out an ocean of lifelong memories. Sincere gratitude to each one of you. You were and will remain special to me. May we dock at same ports again.

Signing off,